Yes, at last, after delay, storm, tempest and flood, the concrete went into the footings today.  An immense sigh of relief, and, at last, the feeling that we are actually building something.

Last week’s floods had subsided within a couple of days, but the ground round the excavations remains very muddy – stand still too long and you lose your boots.

This shows the trenches at aboout 9:00 this morning.  The NHBC inspector had been to site yesterday, and approved the trenches, subject to my confirmation that they were still clear, and that the surplus water was removed.

The groundworkers set to with buckets and shovels, and took out most of the water, leaving a sort of muddy slurry in the base of the trenches.  Then, bang on time at 9:30, the concrete pump arrived.

Followed shortly by the first concrete mixer, with 6m3 of concrete.  The pump has a long, extending nostril, and pumps concrete fed into a hopper at the back of the lorry.

Filling up the trenches really didn’t take long.

Here’s the result, before the arrival of the third and final lorry-load of concrete.

So now, 20m3 of concrete in the ground, we really start building.  Blockwork up to damp-proof course level next.

2 thoughts on “CONCRETE!!!!!”

  1. Isn’t it exciting!! Surprising that something so mundane can be so big a stage!! Shame about the water but well done to get things moving at last!!

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