Solar Power for November and December 2017

November’s solar power generation was, as expected, down on the summer months, even on clear days.Note, though, a few days when the panels generated 2kWh or less – a dull, cloudy month.  The total for November was 148kWh.

December was no better, even allowing for the expected fall as the solar elevation falls.

The total for December was 78kWh.

The annual picture, below, is broadly in line with the pattern predicted from the solar elevation.  There is no data for January, and February’s result is low, as the panels were installed in late February.

Total for the year was 3454kWh.

Rainfall for November and December, and 2017 summary

A little late in the day (or very late for November), the rainfall records for November and December 2017 show still more wet months.

Total rainfall for November was 133.8mm, 144% of the 2001-12 average, spread through the month.

The total for December was 157.2mm, 161% of the 2001-12 aveage and nearly four times the rainfall for December 2016.

Both November and December had some very wet days, with over 10mm of rain per day.

The annual summary graph shows what a wet year 2017 has been, with only three months with below average rainfall, and several months with substantially more than average.

The annual total for 2017 was 1248mm, which is 145% of the 2001-12 average.