Solar Power for January, February and March 2018


JanOur solar panels have generated 671kWh in the first three months of the year, reasonably consistent with the expected annual profile.


January was patchy, with a few reasonable days.  We have no comparison with previous years for the monthly total of 94kWh, as the system was not installed until February 2017.


The latter half of February in particular was sunny, contributing to a monthly total of 306kWh, with several days over 20kWh.  Again, no year-on-year comparison is possible.


The total for March was 271kWh, slightly greater than March 2017.  A few good days, including one at more than 25kWh helped.

Solar Power for November and December 2017

November’s solar power generation was, as expected, down on the summer months, even on clear days.Note, though, a few days when the panels generated 2kWh or less – a dull, cloudy month.  The total for November was 148kWh.

December was no better, even allowing for the expected fall as the solar elevation falls.

The total for December was 78kWh.

The annual picture, below, is broadly in line with the pattern predicted from the solar elevation.  There is no data for January, and February’s result is low, as the panels were installed in late February.

Total for the year was 3454kWh.