Ordering the Timber Frame

This week, we took the first big step, by placing an order with Potton for the timber frame that will be the core of our new house.  We had already seen Potton’s initial drawings, created from those in our planning application, and, on Monday, we had a long meeting with the Potton Regional Manager, Sean Adams, and our Project Manager who, to save confusion, is also called Sean.

This involved making a whole load of choices – down to the colour and style of the door handles – then handing over a (substantial) cheque.  For the project as a whole, this means that (a) we are committed to the Potton timber frame, and (b) that we have a better idea of timescale.  We are now looking at starting on groundworks towards the end of May, so that the timber shell would be erected by early July, and we should have a weatherproof building – windows and doors in, roof tiled – by August, hopefully before the monsoon.

We expect to have the next Potton iteration on the drawings next week – more then.

3 thoughts on “Ordering the Timber Frame”

  1. This is the first I have seen the plans. Looks good. How many square feet? It looks like we will be there when they start. Will you provide hard hats?

  2. Very exciting! That’s quite some birthday present you’ve ordered up. Overwhelming to have to pick door handles before they’ve so much as broken ground. But maybe better that way, rather than being in a constant state of uncertainty over finish details throughout the project. (I speak from experience.)

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