Next week should be exciting

A few meetings on site, with Project Manager Sean,  yesterday.  The first with Richard from Source Energy, the heat pump supplier.  This was to line up the drilling of the three boreholes to feed our heating system.  The drilling company will be on site on Monday and Tuesday, to drill three 70m deep holes, and to lay a pipe loop into each.  These will collect heat from the ground, which will be used to heat the house.

The next meeting was with Josh, from Timber Constructions, the company who will erect our timber frame.  The plan is for the bottom floor to be delivered on Tuesday, and for them to erect it next week, then put on the floor joists and deck for the first floor.  The Potton lorry with the panels is scheduled for 10:00 on Tuesday, along with a (substantial) crane to lift them down on to the slab.

Also on Monday, we have the inspection of the foundations for the retaining wall.  The excavations are complete for this, and the groundworkers are currently putting in the steel reinforcing mesh and bars for the slab and wall.  Subject to satisfactory inspection, this should mean more concrete some time in the week.

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