Moving to Devon

We’re pretty much all set up for our move to Devon now.  We have rented a house for at least 12 months – possibly long enough for our new build, but we shall see – about 12 miles from our plot, in a village called Broadwoodwidger.  We have the removals company teed up to move us in early January, and we’ve done things like transferring the phone and broadband accounts, buying heating oil (ouch – 70p/L!!!).

We’ve decided that, as we shall be in Woking for Christmas, we might as well enjoy it.  This evening, we’ve decorated the Christmas tree that will be our only decoration for the holiday.

We both have a feeling of great relief, now that the uncertainty around the house sale is over.  There are plenty of war stories to tell about the outrageous and unreasonable behaviour of our buyers’ buyer, but those are for another time.  For now, we’re happy and excited to be moving.

One thought on “Moving to Devon”

  1. Ian and Lis just picked up your presents and are on their way back to you. They told us you were moving – Mistress had thrown out the notification card with the envelope but has now retrieved it. You just can’t get good secretrial support these days. We’re up to speed now. Good luck with the move and we look forward to seeing you in the new house in the New Year. We’re off to Norfolk in March so the other southern corner looks like a must for sometime in 2011. F,D T & S

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